Principal’s Message

St. Thomas Central School aspires all students to succeed in following their dreams with wings of success and achievements. The School offers a variety of challenging, and enjoyable curricular and co-curricular opportunities like athletic programmes, performing arts and musical programmes with various inter-schools and relevant activities.

We, at St. Thomas Central School believe the high school atmosphere should give the students the experience of a life time, which becomes a platform in assisting them  to mould their future, providing a lifetime of positive and encouraging memories.

We take pride in providing our students with excellent dynamic, hardworking faculty who are actively involved and in constant pursuit of innovations in education to benefit the overall development of students.

Our school is also proud of its commitment to technology with well equipped computers in the high school, to help students and staff stay connected on the cutting edge of technology.

Academic excellence with character building laced with personality development is our ultimate goal. The well designed and tailor made academic and co-curricular programmes enable the students to attain their full potential in developing excellent study habits centred on highly personalized attention and supervision through our dedicated faculty members.

Our passion and our endeavour is to give our students strong roots and stronger wings to conquer the world. We believe “The world lies before them, they just have to reach for it”!!



St. Thomas Central School follows the CBSE syllabus and the medium of instruction is English.
CBSE has brought out examination reforms by introducing Periodic tests (10%) note book (5%) subject enrichment (5%) ({Total= 20%} and Term Examination (80%) Grand Total (100%) to evaluate the performance of the students. Scholastic areas mainly include attitudes, values and life skills. Practicing these skills help students to improve their personal and social qualities. The school has I- XII classes following the NCERT syllabus, with X-Seed education for classes’ I-VIII, to raise the level of learning in classroom building and confidence in children.

Mr. Thomas Koshy

Sr. Principal