From the desk of  the Head Mistress…

Childhood is about innocence, playfulness, joy and freedom. Expression is the essence of transforming ideas into something constructive or communicating an emotion through music, craftwork, painting, etc. We, at the kindergarten believe that kindergarten is a place for rapid growth and all round development. Our curriculum is designed to meet those needs of children between the ages of 3+ to 5+ years.  Children at KG level, learn something about everything through well correlated activities.

Various activities are carried out in the form of projects and experiments, conducted indoor and outdoor to encourage children to develop wings to their creativity.

The most important aspect of our curriculum is based on play and learn, which helps them to understand their world around them and develop socialization. Through creative learning children are helped with their language and emotional development.

The motto of our Kindergarten is to ensure that children have lots of fun as they learn and socialize with their peer while preparing them for the next level!

Mrs. Sandra Rego

Head Mistress